BreatheThruRoof Conservatory conversions

It’s a shame when the conservatory you’d dreamt would enhance your living space ends up a disappointment. But many people find that the glare and the heat of sunshine in summer makes the conservatory too hot, while in winter the conservatory is so cold it’s barely usable. Any heating needs to be turned up full; not good when we’re all trying to keep our energy consumption down. And if it rains hard, you can’t hear yourself think!

The BreatheThruRoof system totally transforms your underused conservatory area into a usable living space all year round.

Fully insulated, breathable and lightweight, BreatheThruRoof is designed to replace your conservatory’s existing glass or polycarbonate roof. With a very low thermal value, it keeps fuel bills down, and, because it’s been specially designed for conservatories with its exclusive ventilated system, you won’t see any increase in condensation. You decide how light you keep your space by choosing as many roof windows as you want, and you choose the finish and colour of roof tiles and guttering. Together, we transform your conservatory into a practical, beautiful house extension that adds value to your home.

Energy Efficient Living Space

Reclaim your conservatory as living space and save on fuel bills with a solid conservatory roof

Is your conservatory boiling hot in summer ?

Make your conservatory cooler by installing a BreatheThruRoof

Is your conservatory freezing cold in winter ?

Make it warmer by installing a BreatheThruRoof

Do you worry about losing heat through the conservatory ?

Stop the heat loss and save on bills by installing a BreatheThruRoof

Get back your living space with a retro-fit BreatheThruRoof – a bespoke, insulated solid roof solution for energy-efficient conservatories.