1. Will my conservatory walls be strong enough to take a solid roof conversion?
    Yes. BreatheThruRoof has been specially designed and manufactured for this purpose and is extra lightweight – lighter than its competitors – as well as strong
  2. Is condensation likely to become a problem?
    No. BreatheThruRoof has a breathable ring beam, exclusively designed for us, called Breath-Tru. If you haven’t a problem with condensation now, you won’t have with BreatheThruRoof.
  3. Will I save on energy bills with BreatheThruRoof conversion?
    Yes. Our multi-layered insulation gives it an extremely low thermal value which means heat will be retained, where before it escaped through the roof as well as the walls.
  4. I have central heating in my conservatory. Will I still notice a difference in warmth in winter with a solid roof?
    Yes. There will be no draughts or leaks, and you’ll be able to achieve the same temperature without turning your radiator up so high. So you’ll save on fuel bills.
  5. I like the light the conservatory brings, although it can be too much in summer. Will I still be able to retain that lovely light feeling with a solid roof?
    Yes. Obviously it won’t be quite as light, but you get to say how many roof windows you want and of course you still have light pouring through the glass walls. But the advantage is, the solid roof cuts out the glare and the excess heat you get in summer as well as keeping the heat in. So your conservatory will be comfortable all-year-round – cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  6. What about noise? It rains a lot where I live and sometimes it’s impossible to hear yourself speak in the conservatory. And as for hail… Will BreatheThruRoof help with that?
    Definitely. The solid roof insulation cuts right down on noise so while it’s not the same as if you had loftspace between you and the elements it will be much, much quieter than present. You’ll be able to hear your words of wisdom again!
  7. Will the conversion take long? Is it very disruptive?
    No. Usually 3-4 days, and contained within the one area. The room is never left overnight without a watertight casing.
  8. Will I need planning permission?
    No, not as long as you’re not extending the conservatory and it’s at ground floor level.
  9. Will it cost as much as a full extension?
    No, nowhere near as much. Prices vary because every conversion is different; it depends on the size and shape of roof, the number of roof windows, any other considerations such as flues and the choice of gutter and tiles. But essentially, a solid BreatheThruRoof conservatory conversion is very affordable.
  10. Will it add value to my home?
    Yes. A solid roof conservatory conversion means the room will then be viewed as an extension rather than a conservatory, which adds more value according to estate agents.